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A Combined 25+ years of domestic and international commercial capital sourcing experience.

Funding scenarios ranging from $5K to $600M domestically.

Capital sourcing relationships with 50+ trusted Direct Lenders and Funding Partners.

A direct commercial funding source. We focus on all commercial, conventional financing, and difficult to finance transactions including the negotiation and capitalization of business acquisitions and expansions, loan purchases, quick close situations, and discounted payoffs or consolidation of debts.
GUIDEN simplifies the process as we “GUIDE” you through securing capital with our passionate Advisory Team helping every step of the way with a focus of unparalleled commitment to aligning ourselves with our client base through a totally collaborative model. 
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  • Commercial Real Estate & Acquisitions
    We offer a suite of commercial real estate financing solutions designed for small, medium and large transactions. Whether you wish to purchase owner-occupied or investment commercial properties, we have the recourse and non-recourse funding you need to make your goals a reality. GUIDEN CAPITAL is dedicated to devising funding solutions that work for a variety of businesses. Conventional Lending: If you’re interested in purchasing owner-occupied real estate or a stabilized investment property, you may qualify for up to $600M under our conventional loan programs. Fix & Flip Loans: Acquire, renovate, and sell properties according to a tight schedule without waiting on long processing times for traditional loans. Our fix and flip financing solutions are a great fit, whether you are working on a single property or if you have multiple fix and flip projects in the works.​ Mezzanine and Equity Financing: For qualified clients in need substantial capital, we have innovative products, lenders and funding partners who are willing to discuss second and third positions on your project.​ CMBS Loans: Borrow and finance your property with a great long-term solution through Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. We have products for acquisitions, cash-outs, construction, and refinancing your property.
  • SBA Loans
    Real Estate Purchase Getting a small business loan for real estate can be challenging. A Small Business Administration loan through GUIDEN Capital may be the answer. We provide capital for purchasing, renovating, refinancing and building a variety of property types. Hotels Healthcare buildings Automotive facilities Gas stations w/convenience stores Nonconforming properties We offer loans for both owner-occupied and investment buildings. Contact us to learn if your property may qualify. Every small business needs the right equipment to thrive. You can use a loan backed by the SBA to acquire what you need. Machinery Equipment Vehicles Business Acquisition You can also use a loan to acquire a business. We look at the cash flow of your company and its management as well as several other factors. We understand the importance of your time, so we offer prompt prequalification. These loans offer low interest rates, longer terms, amortization and many other benefits.
  • Equipment Financing
    Equipment leasing and financing allow you to get started and earn the capital you need to pay for your machinery. Enjoy these advantages when working with GUIDEN Capital: ​ Little or no down payment Flexible payment structures No financial statements required for applications up to $100,000 $500K to $50M or more available, depending on the equipment. ​ Financing is a path to owning your equipment outright. We’ll work with you to provide competitive rates and affordable payment options. Leasing offers the same immediate benefits, but gives you a few options at the end of the term. You can renew your lease, end your lease or upgrade to the latest model of your technological or heavy-duty business equipment.
  • Factoring
    Factoring is not a loan, which makes it a great lending alternative for businesses of all sizes and in varying financial situations. Whether you struggle to stay in the black, are on the verge of bankruptcy or just want a low-risk way to increase your cash flow, financing receivables may be for you. To qualify, all you need to do is show that you own a business that sells products or services on an invoice basis and that you have a clientele with a strong credit history. When we approve an account for factoring, you will enjoy several benefits. Some such benefits are as follows:​ Cash in as little as 24 hours Zero personal guarantees No fixed payments Increase in funding options as receivables increase Available funding to complete large or unexpected orders When you sell your accounts receivables, you can use the money as you see fit. Whether you need to pay for operating expenses, want to expand your operations, need to invest in inventory or need to cover the cost of payroll, you’re free to use the proceeds as you please. We can leverage: Accounts Receiveable Annuities Equipment Inventory Purchase Orders (foreign and domestic)
  • Revolving Lines of Credit
    Startups As a startup business owner, it can be hard to find capital. One of our unsecured business lines of credit may be the answer. Depending on your credit profile, you can get access to revolving funds with no revenue requirements. These funds can be used for almost any purpose. It is one of the most flexible ways to get funding for your new business. Revenue Generating Businesses For companies earning established revenues, we also offer unsecured business lines of credit. We offer a line of credit equal to a percentage of the annual revenue based on the owners’ credit. These are many great benefits of working with GUIDEN Capital:​ No need for collateral Excellent rates Revolving access to funds If your credit profile is good and/or your business is earning money, this may be the solution for you.
  • Bridge Loans
    When you have a time sensitive project that is dependent on having cash flow now, we can help you find a bridge loan with terms that make sense for your specific scenario. In many scenarios, we can lend based on your after repair value (ARV). Don't delay your project or walk away from business, because of financing ever again.
  • Merchant Cash Advances
    Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) are a form of Asset Based Lending for organizations that have many transactions on a daily or weekly basis. The MCA Facility is executed by purchasing future sales of the organization (receipts). Largely based on average credit card sales or depository transactions. Funds can be used for any reason as it simply serves as working capital.
  • Working Capital Loans
    If you would like to find the cash flow you're looking for, whether secured or unsecured, we have a product to source the capital you need. We can leverage a personal guarantee or many other forms of collateral. Accounts Receivable Medical Accounts Receivable Annuities Equipment Stated Income Intellectual Property Inventory Purchase Orders (foreign or domestic)
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